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About Us

    Superbat was founded in 2008 as a professional company specializing in the production, research and development, and operation of radio frequency(RF) cable assemblies.Superbat offers a wide range of RF cable assemblies in 50 Ohm, available with various connector types such as 1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, 7/16, BNC, mini-BNC, BMA, CRC9, F, FME, Fakra, MMCX, MCX, MC-Card, MCC, N, RCA, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP, SSMA, SSMB, QMA, TNC, TV, TS-9, UHF, mini-UHF, IPX, and HSD.75 Ohm cable assemblies can be made with connectors like 1.6/5.675 Ohm, BNC 75 Ohm, F 75 Ohm, MCX 75 Ohm, N 75 Ohm, RCA 75 Ohm, SMB 75 Ohm, SMC 75 Ohm, and Mini SMB 75 Ohm.

    Superbat offers various coaxial cable types for RF cable assemblies,including RF Coaxial Cable RG Series MIL-C-17 RG316, RG178, RG174, RG58, RG142, RG400, RG179, RG141, RG316-DS, RG213, RF Coaxial Low Loss Cable KSR195, KSR240, KSR400, RF Mini Coaxial Cable 1.13, 1.37, RF Coaxial cable Semi-Flexible cable RG405 .086", RG402. 141", and RF Coaxial cable Semi-Rigid cable RG405 .086", RG402. 141".

    Our RF coaxial cable assemblies are globally recognized and widely used in various applications, including wireless LAN, communication systems, machine-to-machine communications (M2M), broadcast, RFID, automotive, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), global positioning satellite devices (GPS), medical equipment, information systems, remote control systems, and consumer products for wireless and ISM frequency bands.

    Superbat Electronics Co., Ltd combines global e-commerce with China's low manufacturing costs, offering high-performance, cost-effective solutions for RF coaxial cable assembly users worldwide.

Why choose Superbat RF cable assemblies?

*No minimum order requirements

*Custom design according to customer requirements

*Reliable technical support

*Quick response and delivery

Excellent shopping experience and professional after-sales service.


Contact Us:

1. Shenzhen Superbat Electronics Co., Ltd

501A, workshop 6, JiangHao (Bantian) industrial plant, No.430, Jihua Road, Bantian community, Bantian street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City

2. HongKong Rfsupplier Co., Ltd
Room 803, Chevalier House 45, 51, Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Tel: +86 15820429809





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