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FM 75 UNBAL Dipole Indoor T Antenna HD Aerial Male Type F Connector T shape for Yamaha JVC Onkyo Denon Radio Stereo Receiver
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Type: Antenna Application: FM Radio Antenna Interface: F

FM 75 UNBAL Dipole Indoor T Antenna HD Aerial Male Type F Connector 75 Ohm T shape for Yamaha JVC Yamaha Onkyo  Denon Radio Stereo Receiver 

1. FM dipole antenna with F connector
2. Cable length is 6.6FT(2m), dipole length: each approx.80c
3. T shape
4. Improves FM& multiplex stereo reception
5. Package included: 1PCS dipole antenna

Applicable to Yamaha.JVC.Sherwood.Pioneer.Denon.Panasonic.Onkyo Audio system FM antenna

Here are some specific brands and models: Yamaha TSR-5830 TSR-7810 TSR-7850 RX-V757 RX-V681 RX-V679 RX-V671 RX-V667 RX-V665 RX-V663 RX-V659 RX-V573 RX-V565BL RX-V500D RX-V485 RX-V483 RX-V481 RX-V479 RX-V473 RX-V465BL RX-V3900 RX-V381 RX-V3800BL RX-V379RX-V371 RX-V3656BL RX-V2600 RX-V1800 RX-V1700 RX-V1500 RX-V1400 RX-A680 AVENTAGE RX-A780 AVENTAGE RX-A880 AVENTAGE RX-A1080 AVENTAGE RX-A2080 AVENTAGE RX-A3080 AVENTAGE CX-A5200 AVENTAGE RX-S600 RX-S601 RX-S602  Marantz SR7011(HEOS) SR7010 SR7009 SR7008 SR7007 SR7005 SR6011(HEOS) SR6010 SR6009 SR6008 SR6007 SR6006 SR6005 SR5011 SR5010 SR5009 SR5008 SR5007 SR5006 SR5005 NR1607 NR1606 NR1605 NR1604 NR1603 NR1602 NR1601 NR1506 NR1504 NR1403 NR1402 NR1501 Denon AVR-X1000 AVR-X1100W AVR-X1200W AVR-X1300W AVR-X2000 AVR-X2100W AVR-X2200W AVR-X2300W AVR-X3000 AVR-X3100W AVR-X3200W AVR-X3300W AVR-X4000 AVR-X4100W AVR-X4200W AVR-X4300H AVR-X5200W AVR-X6200W AVR-X6300H AVR-X7200W AVR-S500BT AVR-S510BT AVR-S530BT AVR-S540BT AVR-S640H AVR-S720H AVR-S730H AVR-S930H AVR-S940H  Onkyo HT-RC160 HT-RC180 HT-RC360 HT-RC370 TX-NR1007 TX-NR3007 TX-NR3010 TX-NR313 TX-NR414 TX-NR5007 TX-NR509 TX-NR515 TX-NR525 TX-NR535 TX-NR555 TX-NR575 TX-NR585 TX-NR609 TX-NR626 TX-NR636 TX-NR646 TX-NR656 TX-NR676 TX-NR686 TX-NR709 TX-NR737 TX-NR757 TX-NR777 TX-NR787 TX-NR807 TX-NR906 TX-SR307 TX-SR308 TX-SR309 TX-SR353 TX-SR373 TX-SR383 TX-SR503 TX-SR505 TX-SR508 TX-SR601 TX-SR602 TX-SR605 TX-SR606 TX-SR60 TX-SR608 TX-SR674 TX-SR705 TX-SR800 TX-SR805 TX-SR806 TX-SR875 TX-SR876 TX-RZ610 TX-RZ620 TX-RZ710 TX-RZ900 TX-RZ920  Pioneer VSX-1014TX-K VSX-1015TX VSX-1016TXV VSX-1019H-K VSX-1020-K VSX-1021-K VSX-1022-K VSX-1120-K VSX-1122-K VSX-36TX VSX-516 VSX-520-K VSX-521-K VSX-522-K VSX-532 VSX-72TXV VSX-819H-K VSX-820-K VSX-821-K VSX-822-K VSX-823-K VSX-831 VSX-832 VSX-921-K VSX-932 VSX-D514-K VSX-D514-S VSX-D811S VSX-D814-K VSX-D814-S VSX-S520 Elite SC-75 Elite SC-79 Elite SC-LX701 Elite SC-LX801 Elite SC-LX901 Elite VSX-43 Elite VSX-44 Elite VSX-45 Elite VSX-82TXS Elite VSX-LX101 Elite VSX-LX102 Elite VSX-LX103 Elite VSX-LX301 Elite VSX-LX302 Elite VSX-LX303 Elite VSX-LX503.

NOTE: This is female connector plug FM antenna, it works with some models of stereo radio receivers, such as Pyle PDA6BU stereo receiver and more, do not fit all stereo receivers, please check the fm antenna jack of your stereo receiver radios and buy correct antenna.Stretch the end of the antenna as far as possible away from the device for the best reception.

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