How to make a fm radio antenna

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 1. Using a Coaxial Cable

In order to make a vertical antenna from a coaxial cable, you will need the following materials:

50 ohm (or 75 ohm) coaxial wire with copper shielding

FM receiver with a coaxial connector

3/8-inch copper tubing

Wire cutters


Soldering equipment


2.Calculate the length of your antenna. This will determine both how much of the coaxial cable you have to strip and how long your copper tubing should be:

Divide 468 by the frequency to which you want to connect (e.g., 468/108MHz would become 4.3).

Divide the resulting number by 2 (e.g., 4.3/2 would become 2.15).

Multiply the resulting number by 12 inches to find the antenna length (e.g., 2.15*12 inches would become 25.8 inches).


Cut off one end of the coaxial cable. While you'll want to leave one end of the coaxial cable intact in order for it to serve as the connector, the other end will need to be removed.

You can use your wire cutters or a hacksaw to do this.


Strip half of the antenna's overall length from the end of the coaxial cable. You'll need to remove each layer of shielding until you arrive at the white layer surrounding the coaxial cable itself.

For example, if your antenna is supposed to be six inches per your calculations, you'll remove three inches of shielding.

You'll need to remove the copper shielding during this process. The easiest way to do so is by making a shallow incision with the hacksaw all the way around the shielding and then attempting to strip it off from there.



Cut the copper tubing to half of the antenna's overall length. The copper tubing will comprise the other half of your antenna's receiver, so it should be the same length as the section that you just stripped.

Again, if you're using a six-inch antenna, the copper tubing will be three inches.


Attach the tube to the coaxial cable. Slide the copper tubing onto the coaxial cable's stripped end, then slide it down to the


Solder the coaxial cable's shielding to the tubing. You can do this by removing the PVC (black) shielding from around an inch of the coaxial cable directly below the unshielded part, peeling it back with a pair of pliers to form a lip, and then using your soldering pen to connect the lip to the copper tubing.


Connect the coaxial cable to your audio receiver. The remaining coaxial connector should plug into the receiver's coaxial antenna port, which makes the rest of the antenna placement fairly simple.


Place the antenna. Once the antenna is plugged in, angle it toward the nearest station and secure it in place if necessary.

The fewer obstructions between your antenna and the nearest FM station, the stronger your signal will be.

Your coaxial cable may be stiff enough to stand on its own without needing support, but you can use stables or any adhesive to prop up your antenna as needed.

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