Brief introduction of BNC connector features

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BNC connector is a very common RF coaxial cable terminator. It consists of a center pin, insulator and jacket with bayonet. BNC connector is available in 50 ohm and 75 ohm impedance versions. Different impedance version connectors are compatible with each other, however if the cable impedance is different, it may affect the signal transmission. That is, when a 50 ohm BNC connector is connected to other impedance cables, there might cause some transmission errors. 

Usually BNC connectors are used at 4GHz or 2GHz. The 75 ohm BNC connectors are used for video and DS3 connections to the telephone company's central office, while the 50 ohm connectors are used for data and RF transmission. If a 50 ohm BNC Plug is connected to a 75 ohm socket , it may damage the socket. 

The 75 ohm BNC connectors are normally used in VHF applications, used for radio frequency signals transmission, including analog or digital video signals transmission, amateur radio antennas connection, avionics and other electronic test equipment connection, etc. But in the consumer electronics area, the BNC connectors for video signal transmission has been replaced by the RCA terminals gradually. With a simple adapter connector, the RCA terminals can also be used on the devices which only have BNC connectors. 

The BNC terminal has been widely used in Ethernet. But since the coaxial cable is replaced by twisted pair cable, it is rarely to see the network card with BNC terminal. In some ARCNET networks it may used BNC terminal that terminated to the coaxial cable.

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