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I am a happy camper! Our internet service is 200 mbps, but because my office is on the other end of the house with about 4 walls in between, I was typically getting about 24 mbps with the two little stub antennas sticking out from the back of my PC beneath my desk. Hooking up this antenna was simple and straightforward - just replace the stubs with the coax-type connectors a the end of the cable, and it's ready to go. When I first hooked it up I was a bit underwhelmed, with only a modest increase to about 30 mbps. But after fiddling with the position and the angles of the two stub antennas, I am now getting about 80 mbps. The key for me was moving it up higher so it is sitting on the top of my monitor stand, and positioning the two stubs horizontally in opposite directions. You may have to do a little fiddling too, in order to get the most out of this setup, but keep trying different positions - it's definitely better than the antennas behind the PC just above the floor.