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Split Body:

We designed the Split Body enclosure system for customization and protection with superior fit and finish.



Our Flanged chassis is build with a system depth of up to 3” and has shelf or wall mounting options for secure placement.



This tubular design offers dual functionality, great strength to weight coupled with impressive electronics protection.

Our enclosure can be customized to accommodate any server rack system.
•  Chassis: Extruded Aluminum
•  Top/Bottom/Endplates: Aluminum
•  Integrated Circuit Boards Slots - PCB guides
•  Custom Lengths, and for width and depth, we need to open a new model which you need to pay the fees.
•  Custom cutouts for dials, cables, or venting.
•  Optional Handles available.

Our aluminum chassis are offered
with the highest quality finishing options.
•  Anodized
•  Laser Etching
•  Silk Screening

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