How to install the RF coaxial connector?

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Many customers have questions about how to install RF coaxial connectors properly. Here we'll briefly introduce the installation methods and procedures.

1 First prepare the required tools

Wire stripper tool, Soldering tool, Crimp tool for Flexible cable, and Mounting tool for Semi-rigid cable, hot air blower gun, etc.

2 The way to install RF coaxial connector on Flexible cable

1) Strip cable: strip the cable jacket according to the drawing by wire stripper and blade, but take care not break the cable contact, insulator and shield part.

2) Solder centre contact: install the clip, and use the melting point above + 125 ° C solder tin to connect the centre pin of connector to the inner conductor of the cable. Be careful not to demage the insulation part of the cable.

3) Crimp outer conductor : use crimping tool to crimp the sleeve on the cable to ensure the conductor connect with shield well.

4) Install heat shrinkable tube: blow hot air with the air blower gun evenly and make the heat-shrinkable tube tighten.

3 The way to install RF coaxial connector on Semi-rigid cable

1) Strip cable: strip the cable jacket according to the drawing with a lathe or special tool.

2) Solder centre contact: use the melting point above + 150 ° C solder tin to solder the outer conductor and use the melting point above + 125 ° C solder tin to solder the inner conductor.

4 Test the contact resistance, insulation resistance and medium voltage resistance of the assemblied cable.

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