Where to buy the GPS RTK GNSS antenna cable

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RF Cable assembly is popularly used to connect various parts of equipment, and it is one of the very common components in the design and construction of RF and microwave systems. The cables are always used to route signals and be required to connect with the antenna system. This article would like to introduce and show you the RF custom Cable Assemblies that are used as the extension cable of RTK GNSS antenna, CORS GPS antenna, RTK CORS GNSS GPS Antenna GPS Glonass Beidou RTK GNSS Antenna Cable, and the Robotic Total Stations fox example, Trimble, Leica, Topcon.


The Coax Cable type to make the quality fully tested TNC cable assemblies for RTK GNSS RF feeder cable is mostly Coax Cable KSR195, Coax Cable RG58, Coax Cable RG142 and Coax cable RG400. The cable length is different in the different projects, here are popular TNC cable assemblies with  excellent low loss characteristics as we suggest.


TNC Male to TNC Male Right Angle KSR195 5 Meter GPS Antenna cable for Trimble 41300-05 GPS Antenna; Our Part number is AC-T01RA-T01SP-L19-500


TNC Male to TNC Male RG58 10M GPS Antenna cable for RTK GNSS Antenna;

Our Part number is  AC-T01SP-T01SP-058-1000


TNC Male to TNC Male Connector Cable for Trimble Leica Topcon, CORS RTK GNSS Antenna GPS Glonass Beidou RTK GNSS Antenna Cable; Our Part number is AC-T01SP-T01SP-058-1500


TNC Male to TNC Male Right Angle RG142 2 Meter GPS Antenna cable for Trimble 41300-02 GPS ;

Our Part number is AC-T01RA-T01SP-142-200


TNC Male to TNC Female Bulkhead Jack KSR195 1 Foot GPS cable for RTK GNSS antenna;

Our Part number is AC-T01BO-T01SP-L19-30d48


Welcome to contact us Freely about your inquiry if you have no idea what connector for your GPS antenna. And If you have no ideas to know exactly what you are looking for feel free to contact us about your inquiry, or welcome to build your own cable assembly with our Custom Cable Assemblies


Besides the TNC custom cable assemblies, some kinds of adapter would be also needed for your GPS RTK GNSS application.For example, Antenna Cable Adapter Female BNC to Male TNC is applied to Pacific Crest ADL (Our PN: AD-B01SJ-T01SP-44BS00), Antenna Cable Adapter Female TNC to Male type N for GPS units and Geodetic Antennas to the newer TNC jack (Our PN: AD-N01SP-T01SP-44BS00), More products, visit our website: https://www.rfsupplier.com/


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