What is an Antenna Coupler?

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An antenna coupler is a device that, unlike a separate antenna for each individual wavelength, enables one or two antennas to perform many electrical tasks. Ideally, each signal has a separate antenna that can be perfectly measured to make it resonate. There are literally hundreds of wavelengths, and it becomes impractical to equip buildings with so many antennas. As a result, technicians change their electrical length instead of their physical length.
The process of changing the antenna's electronic capabilities is called "antenna tuning." Antenna tuning involves changing the electrical length of the antenna and compatibility with various types of transmitters and receivers. To tune the antenna, technicians will use tuners, multiplexers, and antenna couplers.

The antenna tuner and coupler perform the same basic functions. Each antenna coupler is capable of matching one antenna to one receiver or one transmitter at a time. Larger jobs are usually more suitable for multi-couplers. As the name suggests, multi-couplers can match multiple antennas to their respective receivers and transmitters simultaneously.
Many types of antenna couplers have been developed over the years. In some cases, an automatic coupler system is installed. The device senses when the antenna needs to be adjusted and performs its own functions. It can also be adapted to be compatible with a variety of transmitters, so no technicians are needed in general. However, usually, the automatic antenna coupler has a manual override function, so if the equipment fails, technicians can step in and solve the problem.

To avoid interference, the antenna system is usually turned down to a very low signal strength during tuning. The general standard is that the antenna signal should be less than 250 watts (15000 Joules / minute) when tuning. This is especially true for antennas used in high-frequency receiving systems.

Antenna couplers are one of the most common uses today when homeowners want to integrate two or more antennas as part of a television receiving system. This way they can merge or "stack" the antennas without having to pay for a whole new set of receivers. TV antenna couplers match the two antennas to each other by changing the electrical "length" of the two antennas until they are compatible. Antenna couplers can be found in most TV or radio stores. In some cases, they can be found in hardware stores with electronic parts.

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