What's the NMO Mount Connector?

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The NMO mount connector, as shown on the picture, usually stands for "New Motorola", which is a popular type of mounting base that's frequently used when installing mobile antennas. Normally ther're two different installation types, thru-hole mount and magnetic mount. Thru-hole mounts typically requires a small hole, around 3/8" to 3/4", to be drilled through the mounted surface. It's the best choice for an extremely rugged installation. The magnetic mount is similar to the thru-hole mount, but for different applications. The magnetic mount can be placed onto any metallic surface, and won't damage the appliance since its application doesn't involve a drilled hole.

The idea of the NMO mount is simple.  NMO mounts are devised with a standard threaded connector that you can screw on the antenna. It connects to the antenna and provides the extension cable as well.  There are various of antennas that are suitable for NMO mount, simply look for an antenna with an NMO base. 

NMO mount have two waterproof seals, so if installed correctly it can prevent the car from rusting out. There's one seal, or waterproof gasket, which's placed directly against the metal of your vehicle or another metallic surface, while the other one sits inside the antenna. This keeps the antenna connection point dry. And there's another benefit, that it won't be permanent when you connect the antenna to this mount, therefore, you can remove the antenna and switch it with a new replacenent freely.

Once mounted, the NMO mount only occupies 1/4" of the height above its mounting surface, it saves a lot of space due to the low profile and unobtrusive.

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