What are 5G frequency bands?

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Like any wireless transmission system, 5G (the fifth generation mobile communication network) also needs to use spectrum to transmit data. In order to support higher bandwidth, 5G requires high-frequency ranges below 6 GHz and millimeter waves. What is the radio frequency band used in 5G communication systems?

Why does 5G requires high frequency spectrum?

Conventional GSM and LTE networks use the frequency range below 4 GHz range. It has limitation due to bandwidth. To support enhanced mobile broadband experience Significant,so  increase of bandwidth is necessary. In higher frequency range (such as millimeter waves), there are many unused spectrum that can be effectively used at higher bandwidths.

The Relationship between Frequency and Bandwidth

Technologies like 5G must support higher data rate requirements which cannot be met by traditional GSM or LTE networks. The Bandwidth of the transmitting signal is the distance between the lower and upper cut-off frequency. If higher frequencies are used, a wider bandwidth can be utilized for data transmission.

In 5G systems, service providers planning to use 500MHzbandwidth  to even up to 1-2 GHz.

Sub 6GHz spectrum

Spectrum below 6 GHz is the candidate for early deployment of 5G networks worldwide across the globe. It will use unused spectrum below the 6GHz range, which can support higher bandwidth than the LTE frequency bands.

Advantages of sub-6GHz spectrum

Compared with millimeter-wave spectrum, frequencies below 6 GHz reduce complexity in infrastructure development, deployment, and future network enhancements. For earlier deployments of 5G systems, existing systems can be modified at lower frequencies (700MHz or 3, GHz range).In addition, in many countries, unlicensed spectrum does not require approval from the competent authority. Compared to expensive GSM / LTE bands, network operators can easily and efficiently develop, test and deploy unlicensed spectrum.

5G – NR (New Radio) 

5G NR-The new radio is a new standard for ultra fast 5G networks. It will use unlicensed spectrum below 6 GHz and above 6 GHz (millimeter range). 5G NR is designed to support highly scalable networks capable of future enhancements.

5G Frequency Bands

In many countries, 5G systems are still in trial and the frequency band has not yet been finalized. Once each country officially announces its 5G network deployment spectrum, we will update.

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