How to choose the RG316 Coax & LMR100 Coax ?

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RG316 and LMR100 are both coaxial cables used in communications and telecommunications applications. They both have an impedance of 50 ohms low loss & attenuation characteristics communication cables and have very similar functions, and this article will explain the small differences between them to help you better distinguish LMR 100 cable from RG 316 cable, and make it easier to decide which is a better choice for your projects. It may differ in efficiency depending on the conditions of the environment they are to be used in though both are coax cable. When you have a thorough understanding of both cables, you will know what type of environment to use what type of cable in so that you may choose the correct type of cable.


RG316 is a coax communication cable with a military rate. This cable can be used in military equipment, direct burial, the transmission of radio frequency signals, and telecommunications applications. It is an ideal choice for applications that require high performance and stability in high-temperature environments or need to have minimal installation space.  Coax RG316 cam to be also used for high-frequency interconnections between PCB in telecommunications equipment. RG316 coax is also a low loss cable. Due to the large size 's conductor, the attenuation of RG316 is lower than other options in this category, which is in accordance with MIL-DTL-17 specifications.


LMR 100 is a flexible communication cable. This cable is an ideal choice in short antenna feeder runs and jumper assemblies applications that are mostly in wireless communication systems. LMR 100 can also be used in WLL, GPS, WLAN, etc. applications that require easily routed, low-loss cable. This cable has a flexible outer conductor and can allow the tightest bend radius of any cable that is similar size and performance. It is also the lowest loss of any flexible cable. LMR cable can be used as a drop-in replacement for RG 316 or RG 174 cable.


When seeing the specification (low loss or attenuation , construction ) of Coax cable RG316 and LMR-100, we can find both cables are constructed differently.LMR-100 has a solid bare copper clad steel conductor, where RG316 has a stranded silver-covered copper clad steel conductor.RG-316 s stranded conductor makes it more flexible than the solid conductor of LMR-100. The major difference is that RG316 has a higher temperature rating that is made due to the Fluorinated Ethylene Copper (FEP) materials Jacket type of RG-316 coax. This allows the cable to be used in specific applications that require a higher temperature environment in comparison to the LMR-100.


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