How to choose good quality BNC connector

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The BNC connector is a data transmission interface for many multimedia products. As a device and equipment main connection connector, BNC connector is widely used in the monitoring project.

In the monitoring project, the common fault is that sometimes no image, or unexplained images, degraded image quality, etc., normally it will take up a lot of time for engineers to troubleshoot. Actually the BNC connector quality may have a significant impact on the project effect directly but it is easily overlooked. 

With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, there have been many different choices in the selection of BNC connector materials. Usually a good BNC connector requires good conductivity metal material, copper is the best choice. However, since the price of copper is relatively higher, pure copper is relatively rare used.

In addition, the copper is easily oxidized, which's not conducive to contact, it requires to be plated with an oxidation-resistant metal such as zinc, silver or tin,ect..

Today the better BNC connector on the market is made of pure copper material galvanized or silver, and with good PVC plastic parts, so that the entire BNC connector has a good conductive performance.

How can we judge the quality of a BNC connector?

1, Copper material is best. BNC connector will go through the product surface, normally the coating is bright and delicate, the higher the purity of copper, the brighter outside, however pls note some products are bright outside, but it is iron.

2. Scrape the surface coating to check the material: use the blade to scratch the coating surface to see the material intuitively, besides, by scratching the wire clip, pin, shield sleeve plating can compare the material visually.

3. Magnet adsorption test. Under normal circumstances, only the bayonet spring and the tail spring are made of ferrous materials; the clamps, pins and sleeves are made of copper, and the other parts are zinc alloy.

4. In addition to above methods, you can also prepare a good quality BNC female to test.

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