SMA Connector and Internet of Things

| 2019 11 06 | Comments | View Num: 501

SMA connector is a half-precision ultra-small RF and microwave connector, it's widely used in RF fields, especially for RF connections in electronic systems with frequencies from 3GHz to 18 GHz or higher.

The SMA connector is also favored by the Internet of Things industry for a large number of applications now, such as smart meters, drone antennas, smart refrigerators, logistics storage and other scenarios. At present SMA connectors and cable assemblies are widely used in communication systems such as WiFi/BLE/Zigbee/2.4G, Internet of Things, smart home, repeaters, wearable devices, smart medical, drones, smart transportation, smart security, robots, smart toys, and more occasions.

It requires different performance due to different applications. For example, smart refrigerators, logistics cabinets, etc., which only need to meet the requirements of frequency 6GHz. Some UAVs can meet the requirements of 6G, while those with higher requirements will require the frequency range of the SMA cable assembly reaches 18G, and the VSWR reaches 1.5 or less.

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