Where to buy Hand-Formable RF Cable Assemblies

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The formable cable is a flexible reformable and shape-able alternative to semi-rigid coaxial cable,  has a tin filled braid with a metal foil underlay and the same diameters as the Semi-Rigid type, that is widely used when flexibility is required and most popular size in the hand-formable cable group. The formable cable can be stripped and formed by hand without needing any special tools to bend, similar to standard RF coaxial cable. The optimized tin soaked shield which can protect the cable allows for an easy installation. They can be used in antenna systems, base stations or in satellites.


At Superbat, we call this formable cable as Semi-flexible Cable & Semi-flexible Cable Assembly. Our hand formable assemblies can be formed more than once without damaging the outer conductor. Our flexible cable assemblies are 100% Hi-pot and continuity tested and are also 100% VSWR tested to meet your requirements.

Superbat hand formable Semi-Rigid Cable coaxial cables can be delivered with multiple connector configurations including male & female versions of SMA type, N-type, MMCX type , MCX type, SSMA type, and BMA type. Our formable cables will not damage the outer conductor during multiple bends, the cable assemblies can be made available with or without an FEP jacket, Standard and custom lengths are available, and the simple drawing can be provided for each cable assembly.

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